Updated Guidelines For Reasonable Food Photography Systems

But The Ice Cream Sitting Atop The Pie Can Be Anything You Want From Mashed Potatoes To Cream Cheese.

I also read your article on cross processing in Photoshop ad tested it out. In really low light situations, try to find an even sturdier way to keep your camera steady. If you have a full-frame sensor, I’d recommend a 24-70mm lens, an 85mm lens, 100mm macro, and 50mm lens. This is more of a hardware question. I shoot a Canon 50D and have a vast variety of lenses including a 100mm Macro lens. Good photons, thank you! : I have a weight loss biog that I sometimes share my personal recipes on and I like to take pictures to help show my readers that healthy food doesn’t have to suck…but my pictures end up making them look pretty bad. Unless you adjust your white balance, photos will have an odd colon cast, like the left image above. My “every day” camera goes to 1600, which is the equivalent of having 1600 speed film in it — match that up with a pretty fast lens see above, and you are going to have more to work with and you won’t have to rely on flash or a light kit. But just have a question which if you don’t mind might be more specific.


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