Fast-growing Twining Stems Can Up To 15′ Long Or More Can Also Be Used As Ground Cover Up To 2 Feet Tall.

landscape photography

An exclusive, special release of limited edition prints will be unveiled at a future date. These photographic prints are powerful in their expression and many are for sale for the first time ever. These photographic prints – made from wet plate glass negatives discovered in a 90-year-old wooden crate – are a journey through various California locations: Yosemite National Park (El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, Vernal Falls, etc.) One of Americas greatest natural treasures: Yosemite National Park was a key subject for this photographer. According to John Norsigian, co-founder of The Lost Negatives: The photographic skills of how this photographer captured breathtaking vistas of various California landscapes with an incredible eye for vision and composition, makes this collection even more intriguing. The negatives are nearly 100 years old and snapshots of American history. From a historical perspective, these negatives are vintage California. We know that a Korona View camera was used and he/she was a professional each 6.5 x 8.5 glass plate negative was enclosed in an envelope with detailed photography notes. After being lost for over 90 years, the limited-in-quantity, exclusive glass plate negatives were discovered in a wooden crate purchased at a house sale in Fresno, California by a local commercial painter. This photographer had an incredible eye for a useful overview of picking major elements of nyoooz expressing the majestic beauty of the American West many of Californias iconic untapped natural resources, adds Norsigian. The thoughtful and careful photographic process of this photographer resulted in images of stunning scenery, big sky, expansive spaces, epic grandeur and the wilderness which evoke an emotive power. These prints are ideal for interior designers, homeowners, hotel or corporate art collectors/designers or private collectorswith a penchant for exclusive and tasteful artistic pieces.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit New Collection of Black and White Photographic Prints From a Currently Unnamed Modernist Photographer from the 1920’s Now Available at – Yahoo Finance

Applying the experience gained to a new landscape will allow you to maximize the quality. It’s easy to find landscaping to photograph, it’s everywhere. A normal scene can be transformed by paying close attention to detail. If budget is not a constraint, invest in a few marble statuettes. While the suggestions are made, there is no reason why the plants cannot be purchased at a local nursery. Fast-growing twining stems can up to 15′ long or more can also be used as ground cover up to 2 feet tall. This is when the landscaping is most active with changing shadows and the rising or setting sun. Great fragrant smell almost all summer long.

Perfect romantic location for a lovers getaway! The gorgeous view of the Ioanian sea every single day! Prints on the finest archival paper, glossy finish print. Delivering in protective sleeves, I will take all measures for safety. Larger sizes available upon request.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Turquoise blue print island seascape Fine art by Myartspace


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