The Place Was Saturated With Peace And Solitude As Glittering Snowflakes Continued To Gently Fall.

Nature photography

The what you should know about picking core issues for stock photography vista was incomplete as an oppressive, gray fog had lurched into the valley and erased the big peaks from view. The placid lake was encrusted with a thin layer of textured slush while the rocky shoreline was smoothed over by two feet of fresh snow. After receiving so much precipitation this season, the mountain environment has become a wetlands. The swollen reservoir had flooded into the forests edge, creating an arctic swamp of tangled trees and small islands. The frigid water was perfectly tranquil as it reflected the unusual scenery with stunning precision. The place was saturated with peace and solitude as glittering snowflakes continued to gently fall. The only disruption came from a stubborn woodpecker who tapped furiously into the loose bark of a lodgepole pine.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Impression Evergreen: Beaver Brook – An Extraordinary Snowscape


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