portrait photography

Environmental portraits seek to convey an idea about a person by combining portraiture with a sense of place. If your subject is a bit more mature and has wrinkles or heavy laugh lines, follow these tips 1 Use more frontal light rather than sidelight, 2 bring the light in close and use a large light source to get it unusually soft, and 3 rather than have the client smile, follow tip 89 and just have them think about smiling. 91.   Watch their style, packing tips, equipment, how they shot, what they shot…and then spend time reviewing at the end of the day–hopefully on a computer, but even looking at each other’s LCD screens of what they shot can be a big help.   68.   I did something incredibly stupid while shooting a black-tie event for a company last year.   This extra shutter button can be pressed when the camera is in portrait up-and-down orientation so you can hold the camera more steady without sticking your elbows up and contorting your body to get a vertical shot.  


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