Manda Walters With Colorado Parks And Wildlife Says The Snake Population Is Holding Steady.

wildlife photography

(credit: Maddie Mae Photo) The groom, Johnny Benson, wasnt badly injured and was actually able to make it to his reception and honeymoon. (credit: Maddie Mae Photography) Maddie Mae Photography ( ) shared photos with CBS4 of Bensons marriage to Laura Loretz. (credit: Maddie Mae Photography) In Loveland, Jarmila Prikryl was bitten in her neighborhood. I fell back because it was so shocking, so suddenly, she said. Manda Walters with Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the snake population is holding steady. There isnt more or less rattlesnakes this year, Walters said. Rattlesnake (credit: CBS) The good news is the hot temperatures mean the snakes arent as likely to be out on open trails. The bad news is theyre lurking in bushes and hiding under protective foliage. They are going to be hidden, so watch where you step and watch where you put your hands and feet. Walters said. If you see a snake she says, back up slowly, and dont antagonize it.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Rattlesnake Bites Groom While Posing For Wedding Photos « CBS Denver

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